Best Side by Side Refrigerators

The Best Side by Side Refrigerators – Are They For You?

Side by side refrigerators or fridge freezers are characterized by a configuration where one door or side contains a freezer and the other contains a refrigerator. These refrigerators offer maximum capacity, as both the freezer and the refrigerator run along the whole length of the machine. Side by side refrigerators are narrower than conventional refrigerators and thus are perfect for smaller kitchens.
Common Features of Side by Side Refrigerators

Temperature Controls. Like other refrigerators, best side by side refrigerators have temperature controls that one can use to adjust and manipulate the fridge’s overall temperature as well as the temperature of individual compartments. These controls may come in different forms, such as buttons, knobs, or even digital surfaces such as touch-screens and motion activated controls.

Ice and Water Dispensers. Most side by side refrigerators have ice and water dispensers attached. These add-ons are extremely useful, providing water and ice directly from the fridge. When purchasing a fridge with a dispenser make sure that the fridge has an adequate filtration system.

Cooling Flow Systems. Almost every model of best side by side refrigerators boasts a cooling flow system, although different brands may call it by different names. These cooling systems may be named differently from brand to brand, but their purpose stays the same: to evenly distribute cold air to maintain the fridge’s temperature even when its doors are opened. 

Lighting. Side by side refrigerators boast a wide array of lighting options. Some models have LED lighting systems, some have conventional ones. The locations of the lights also differ depending on brand or model. When looking for a perfect fridge freezer look for one with lights above and below. Some models of side by side refrigerators only have top lights, which may not be as effective as the freezer and fridge run along the whole length of the machine, things in the bottom might not be clearly seen in the dark.

Shelving options. A lot of side by side refrigerators have different shelving options and configurations. Detachable and adjustable shelves are extremely useful; you can adjust shelf spacing according to the current contents of your fridge or freezer. Generally avoid fridge freezers with fixed shelves as they limit your ability to organize the contents of your fridge.

Side by side refrigerators are narrower than conventional fridges but offer great vertical storage space. These fridges are perfect for narrow or small kitchens. Different brands and models offer different features, styles, and designs. Common features exist though, and these are the main features you should look into when choosing a fridge freezer for your own. Also, take into account how easy to clean the fridge will be, how functional it is, and how durable the design. Look for side by side refrigerators that offer adequate warranties, too. Major brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, and others have side by side refrigerators with decent warranty coverage.

All in all, best side by side refrigerators are great machines that are easily available and come in various designs and styles do fit even the most discriminating of tastes.

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