Best Snow Cone Machine

Most parents find it exceedingly hard to arrange a good birthday party for their kids. But there is no way you can overlook your child’s birthday no matter how busy you are. Organizing a memorable birthday for your little one makes them feel wanted. Get hold some really cool snow cone machines to ensure your kid and his friends have a gala time throughout the party.

Usually, children love to eat ice-creams. They are ready to go to any extent provided they get to taste their favorite flavored ice-creams. Hence there can be no double they will love the idea of having unlimited ice-creams prepared by none but themselves. These snow cone machines can keep kids engaged for hours, while you can go about taking care of other aspects of the party. But you must remember to get snow cone machines that can churn out snow cones of various flavors within minutes. Children get bored very easily and would not like repeating the same flavored snow cone over and over. You can also get multiple snow cone machines when there are too many guests at the party.

Now finding these snow cone machines may become a difficulty if you are not looking at the right places. There are a number of rental companies that offer these snow cone machines on rent. It is best you hire some machines from these rental companies. One of the biggest reasons behind this is these snow cone machines will be of no use once the party is over. But don’t spend too much on hiring these snow machines, as most of them can be bought at cheap rates from various online stores. Once you are on these stores browse through various products to ensure you grab the best deal available. Most of these online stores offering snow cone machines often provide discount offers that help you save even more money at the time of purchase. However, these discount offers are usually promotional offers. So there is no guarantee if you will get them when you buy snow cone machines for your son.

People often confuse a snow cone machine, with a very similar ice shaving machine. The easy way to tell the difference is the texture of the ice. The ice shaver will produce very soft fluffy ice, where the snow cone machine, will produce a much thicker granulated type of ice.

To enjoy one of these tasty treats used to mean you having to trudge down to the local parlor or cafe to buy one now manufacturers have started producing top quality machines that fit right into any sort of kitchen area. I have tried both machines and found that the ice shaver was very large and more heavy-duty than the snow cone machine, it also made quite a bit of noise when in operation due to the fact it actually spins a block of ice while the machine lowers a steel blade on to the block to shave the ice.

The snow cone, however, was definitely my favorite machine for making these fun summertime treats, this machine was smaller and fitted nicely into a corner in my kitchen.

It was also much less noisy to use as it employs more of a scraping action to create granules from a rigid cube of ice.

Snow Cone Machine – Hawaiian snow cone machine

Ice Shaver Hawaiian S700

Snow Cone Machine - Hawaiian snow cone machine
Snow Cone Machine – Hawaiian snow cone machine


This machine takes ice cubes and transforms them into snow cones, slushies, and many other tasty fun drinks. My specialty with this machine is margaritas, they turn out really smooth, and very refreshing during the hot summer months.

The S700 Hawaiian snow cone maker is extremely easy to operate, all you have to do is add the ice into the hopper. Then replace the lid and lock into place, and the machine automatically starts turning ice cubes into slush.

Obviously, children will be curious about these types of machines, so the manufacturers have made them child safe. The internal blades will not start unless the lid is firmly shut and locked into place.

This unit has one of the biggest motors you can get on a snow cone maker. It is a very powerful 120-volt 55watt motor, that makes producing snow cones effortless.

Another very handy feature is the way you can easily disassemble the machine for easy storage. Just in case you don’t want it sat on the kitchen countertop. Although mine sits there permanently, it doesn’t look out of place, and blends in nicely with the rest of my kitchen appliances.

So if you are searching for a snow cone machine, then the Hawaiian S700 can be the answer. This machine does everything you expect of it, with minimum effort. And with the manufacturers, a 1-year guarantee, make it a wise purchase when looking for snow cone machines.

Here are some links where you will discover some of the best prices for the Hawaiian snow cone machine:

Snow Cone Machine – Block Ice shaver – The Most Top Block Ice Shaver On The Market.

It is merely due to the worst cause of global warming that makes our earth so hot and humid, especially during summertime. And that all of us are always wanting to satisfy ourselves self from this thirst feeling that we always suffer it’s because of this sudden change of weather and climate. And almost all the people living in this world of hot temperatures need something to lessen the hotness and thirst they feel inside. And it is essential to have this block ice shaver to our homes, restaurants, hotels and other business offices and establishments.

As we all know that this kind of block ice machine can be a great help for all of us, especially to the big businesses in the ice producing industry, because it can process big bulk of ice up to 12 lbs to be distributed to all its consumers. And this kind of ice flakes is very useful and can be dependent on its durability. This can be trusted when it comes to its uses, and it is energy savers. It is really true that these ice bins are somewhat expensive, but the price that the buyers paid is not enough for the useful uses of this product to its owner. This ice shaver is known to be one of the strongest ice machines in the market.

Practically, one most common for all of us to quench the thirst we feel is to drink some liquids that are cold. And it is a reality that drinking expensive wine and soft drinks are not so tasty without the use of ice. Wherever you go or whatever occasion or party you visited is so not successful without the presence of ice especially to the drinks and some dessert for the visitors. And this kind of flake ice is sellable in any department’s stores and malls and can be a good business to everybody who wants to start a little source of additional income. And it is a good investment for us to have this kind of ice machine because it is really can be used to earn income for the family.

Normally, having this kind of block ice shaver that is so popular and always on the top line of all kinds of ice shaver in the market is the wise investment of the money spends. It triples your money back if it is used by those people who are engaging in business. And for those people who are planning to have this kind of product at home, this is the right time for you to save some amount to buy this valuable items.

Ice block shaving machine shaved Continuous ice machine snow cone maker ice crusher machine.

Snow Cone Machine - Block Ice shaver
Snow Cone Machine – Block Ice shaver


Product’s Features:

  • Shaving speed: Fine1.36kg/minute
  • Common1.56kg/minute
  • Thick 9.5kg/min
  • Power: 180W
  • Control: fully automatic
  • Model: ice crusher
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Container capacity: 650ml
  • Function: Slushies
  • Type: Electric
  • Size: 420 * 340 * 700mm
  • Input power: 185w
  • Quantity / minute: 9.5kg / min
  • Power (W): 185w
  • Name: Electric ice razor
  • Voltage: 220v-50hz
  • Power: 1 / 4HP (185W)
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Maximum size of ice cube: 15 * 15 * 19cm
  • Shaving speed: 1.36kg / min, 1.56kg / min, 9.5kg / min
  • Packing size: 500 * 430 * 740mm
  • Speed: 1420 / minute
  • Color: red, yellow, white, green.

Block shavers are typically known for the fluffy, snow-like ice that they produce. They achieve this highly sought after consistency by shaving a very minute amount of ice from a large block on each pass. This slices the ice very thin (almost as thin as snow) and achieves a consistency that is very similar.

Block shavers do take a bit more work to load and require much more time to train on as opposed to cube shavers. The cones take significantly more time to make than cube shavers to as well.

Snow Cone Machine – Paragon Snow Cone Machine

Paragon The Arctic Blast SnoCone Machine

Snow Cone Machine - Paragon Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – Paragon Snow Cone Machine


This snow cone machine, or sno cone machine.

When you purchase any Paragon snow cone machine you automatically get these attributes:

  • Stainless steel construction built to withstand massive amounts of use
  • Cast aluminum ice hoppers that are easy to replace and adjust
  • A 1/3 horsepower motor that can run over 1700 rpm
  • An eye-catching lighted ice compartment and tinted polycarbonate shatterproof doors designed to draw the customer in
  • A snow cone machine capable of producing 1000 snow cones per hour

The Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine is ideal for the mid-sized organization or business looking for a quick way to increase concession stand or fundraising profits.  It is very quick and very simple to operate and at the right price per snow cone, you’ll find yourself in the green much sooner than later.  Even at a conservative price of $1.99 per cone you need only sell 250 snow cones (not including the cost of supplies, syrups) to get your money back.

Snow Cone Machine - Paragon Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – Paragon Snow Cone Machine

Bring a little snow cone enjoyable into your house or business with the Arctic Blast SnoCone maker. The tireless Arctic Blast is outfitted with a tough 1/3-horsepower, 1,725 rpm electric motor that can cut greater than 500 extra pounds of dice or chunk ice per hr. Simply include ice as well as syrup and also you’ll have all the snow cones you require to entertain a kids’ party or make clean earnings during the summer season months. The inside of the Arctic Blast is equally as durable, with state-of-the-art horns, pushers, as well as electric razor head settings up all constructed from solid cast aluminum. The cut head setting up is specifically trustworthy, with two high-grade, flexible, easy-to-replace stainless-steel blades that not just maintain your snow cone equipment looking great, yet likewise, assist it last for years ahead.

The Arctic Ice’s ideal attribute, nonetheless, maybe its timeless, retail-friendly look. The cabinet is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate panels, with attention-getting graphics strategically located on the side. Other features consist of a security button to avoid unexpected start-ups, a powder-coated paint finish that resists damaging and a detachable, food-grade plastic tray that drains pipes moisture away from the ice and also extends life span.

Shaves up to 500 lbs. of ice per hour. A hard-working, economical option, the Arctic Blast has tinted high-impact polycarbonate side panels and door. Durable and easy-to-clean with sturdy stainless steel and aluminum construction and the powder coat paint finish resists chipping. Includes a removable slanted drain deck (the food-grade plastic tray that drains moisture away from the ice and extends shelf life) and an ice scoop. 1/3 H.P.

Product’s Features:

  • Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Polycarbonate side panels and door
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Powder-coat paint finish resists chipping
  • Slanted drain deck
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 635
  • Amps: 5.3

Product Description.

  • Snow cone machine with tough 1/3-horsepower, 1,725 rpm motor
  • Shaves more than 500 pounds of cube or chunk ice per hour
  • Top-of-the-line cast-aluminum horns, pushers, and shaver head assemblies
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate panels with attention-getting graphics
  • Removable, food-grade plastic tray drains moisture away from the ice.

Paragon Little Snowie Shaved Ice Machine

Snow Cone Machine - Paragon Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – Paragon Snow Cone Machine


Review on this machine a while ago that said this machine was more like a snow cone maker than a shaved ice machine.

That reviewer could not have been more wrong.  And boy does this machine pack a punch!

The Little Snowie Shaved Ice Maker probably shaves ice the finest of any non-commercial shaved ice makers in this price range.

Manufactured to be the best, Paragon’s selection of shaved ice machines is second to none. Using the Little Snowie Ice Shaver is not only entertaining but safe and easy. This cube ice shaver comes with a heavy-duty commercial motor, ensuring years of maintenance-free performance, and it’s priced so you can afford one for your home. The Little Snowie Ice Shaver is designed to serve approximately 30 to 50 people a day. The Little Snowie is not a commercial shaved ice machine and is not designed to be used on a heavy-duty daily basis. To serve larger numbers of people please consider our larger commercial machines.

Snow Cone Machine - Paragon Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – Paragon Snow Cone Machine

Product’s Features:

  • 1/3-horsepower, 635 Watts, the 1,725-RPM motor can shave 500 pounds of cube or chunk ice per hour.
  • Tempered glass panels; safety switch; removable, slated drain deck; 36-inch drain tube and scoop.
  • Measures 22 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 16 inches high; weighs 50 pounds.
  • Commercial-style snow cone machine; made of heavy-duty aluminumized metal

Product’s Description:

  • Heavy, durable metal construction
  • Solid-state 1035-watt motor
  • The cabinet is durable, corrosion-resistant, high impact plastic
  • 1-year warranty

Package contents contain four of each of the following:

  • Lids
  • Syrups
  • Syrup concentrates
  • Flip tops

The Little Snowie is constructed of metal and is quite sturdy.  It can’t be any other way – it’s one powerful shaved ice maker.  The motor is over 1000 watts.  The nice thing about the Little Snowie is it’s lightweight relative to its strength.  It weighs about 20 lbs. so it is easy to transport.

We’ve had people purchase this machine for use at hockey rinks and smaller mom and pop stands but be warned – that may void your warranty with this machine.

Hints when using the Little Snowie:

  • Use a bowl or plastic container – as you can see from the video this thing machine guns shaved ice out of its spout!  Kids will love their power but use a bowl to catch the spray.
  • Clean out excess ice from the ice holder – leftover chunks leave the possibility of jamming.  Use a long metal butter knife to clean around the sides.
  • Use a sheet pan – while not totally necessary, a sheet pan will catch dripping ice/water and leave less of a mess on your countertop.

Paragon The Cooler Sno Cone Machine

Snow Cone Machine - Paragon Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – Paragon Snow Cone Machine


Parent groups and organizations have concerns when it comes to the safety of the snow cone machine they are considering purchasing.  They also have concerns about the fundraising ability of the snow cone machine.

The Cooler Sno Cone Machine answers both of those questions and quells any concerns parents may have initially had.

You can see that The Cooler has lost of round corners and ‘looks’ fun.  This was done to draw the eye of the child in – preventing you from having to do your best catcall to drive traffic to the machine.  It’s a soft, warm look and feels making it a natural hang out spot for your kids.

With round corners comes added safety – no sharp edges to worry about with running screaming children close by, not to mention making them hard to carry.

In addition to the 1/3 horsepower motor, the impact-resistant polycarbonate doors, and the built-in wheels for easy transportation, The Cooler comes with a three-year warranty and is manufactured in the USA.  It’s well built and the manufacturer stands by the construction by offering an industry-leading warranty to back it up.

It weighs about 45 lbs. which doesn’t make it the lightest of the snow cone machines in this price range but it is made of polyethylene (which is lighter than metal) and is very easy to transport because of the wheels.  The drain hose makes clean up quick and easy.

The doors are tinted blue to protect the shaved ice from the harsh rays of the sun and like all other Paragon snow cone machines, The Cooler Snow Cone Machine has a safety switch to prevent accidental start-up.

If aesthetics is your thing and you desire a snow cone machine that is tough as nails The Cooler is the one for you.  At well under $600 this is an economical snow cone maker for the output you’ll receive.

Product’s Features:

  • Coming equipped with a tough 1/3 horsepower
  • Sturdy stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Slanted drain deck
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate panels
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, approved as: ETL test to UL 763, CSA 22.2, NO.109, NSF-12, CE
  • 1725-RPM motor that can shave more than 500 lbs. of cube or chunk ice per hour

Snow Cone Machine – Great Northern Snow Cone Machine

Great Northern Polar Cones 6058

Snow Cone Machine - Great Northern Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – Great Northern Snow Cone Machine


When you really start to research each snow cone machine you’re thinking of purchasing, they may all start to look the same.  The truth is, they are all very similar, especially when you start getting into the $200+ price range.

This Great Northern snow cone machine used to retail for affordable price – now it costs about half that.  The manufacturer is reputable, the machine hasn’t changed much over the years, and it’s output rivals that of the other top snow cone machine manufacturers. These are perfect for schools, businesses, daycare centers, varsity clubs, carnivals and more.

The Polar Cones 6058 model does have a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from its counterparts in this price range.  The machine comes with a backlit display that was designed to draw attention.  In addition to the backlit display, the machine’s motor is built inside the top of the machine.  It doesn’t protrude over the top.  This makes the machine much easier to place on countertops.  These are safe, easy to clean, and they are stronger than other models in the same class. You can fit it snug in many more spots than you can the others.

It comes with the normal bells and whistles in this price range – it chops up to 500lbs. of ice an hour.  It comes with the industry-standard 1/2 horsepower motor.  It has a motor reset button that is triggered when the ice starts to block up in the machine (and it will happen, it’s only a matter of time).

Tinted window displays allow the ice to stay cool longer if you are operating the machine outdoors.  The warranty is 30 days for blades and one year’s other parts and/or labor.

Product’s Features:

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hopper: 

  • Acrylic Side Panels. 
  • Rubber Feet: Non-slip feet mean no slipping from countertops.
  • Ergonomic Handle with Safety Switch: 
  • Ultimate Visibility
  • Runs on a 15AMP Circuit. 120V/265W/60HZ.
  • Features a Motor Reset button–safety feature should an ice jam occur
  • The cutting blades are stainless steel so they will last a lifetime
  • Machine is 16.5″L x 13.5″W X 25″H
  • Weighs roughly 35 lbs. 

For the price this machine is currently being offered at it is worth the purchase.  It’s a small investment for a machine this powerful and with a very good function, you’ll recoup the investment back immediately.

Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Snow Cone Machine RSM602

Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker


The Retro Series RSM602 from Nostalgia Electrics exemplifies nostalgia with it’s 1950′s retro look and feel.  I can’t help but be taken back to the time of poodle skirts and pink Chevy’s when I see this vintage snow cone machine at work.

The countertop appliance uses regular-size ice cubes, and its durable stainless-steel blades quickly transform ice into fluffy snow. Add any flavored syrup for a snow cone, or any other combinations–a soda pop for a slushy drink, yogurt or fruit for snow smoothies, and more. Because of its snowy fine consistency, the shaved ice absorbs flavors instead of them running to the bottom. Two reusable plastic cones are included. Other thoughtful details include a side tray to hold the snow cones, a built-in safety on/off switch, and a removable ice-cube compartment for quick cleaning. With its sleek retro-style design, the ETL-approved 40-watt snow-cone machine measures 12-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 15-1/2 inches and carries a 90-day limited warranty.

Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker

The RSM602 contains:

  • Blades made of stainless steel
  • Two plastic reusable cones
  • A side tray to hold ready-made snow cones
  • A red retro finish
  • A 90-day limited warranty
  • Countertop snow-cone machine with stainless-steel ice-shaving blades
  • Uses regular-size ice cubes; add any favorite syrup or other flavorings
  • 2 reusable plastic cones included; side tray to hold the snow cones
  • Built-in safety on/off switch; removable ice-cube compartment; retro styling
  • Measures 12-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 15-1/2 inches.
Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker

Product’s Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 inch x 10.75 inch x 10.25 inch
  • APPROXIMATE CAPACITY can hold up to 20 (8 ounces) snow cones at a time;
  • NOSTALGIA SNOW CONE KITS: Unit works perfectly with all Nostalgia snow cone kits; try the Snow Cone Kit (SCK800), Snow Cone Syrups (SCS160), or the Straws and Cups (SCSTRAWCUP20)
  • STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING BLADES equipped with this machine work quickly and efficiently to shave ice cubes into delicious, fluffy snow-like ice
  • SIDE SHELF as a prepping station to hold 2 snow cones and add your favorite syrups
  • A safety switch is built into the shaving mechanism to keep hands safe
  • PERFECT SIZE to fit on a kitchen countertop or a small side table.
  • ACCESSORIES : Includes 2 (8 Ounce) reusable plastic snow cones.
Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker

For a countertop appliance, this snow cone machine looks great and does exactly what it was meant to do – produce great shaved ice for snow cones.  It’s hard to believe that it weighs under 10 lbs.  If you have an area in the house dedicated to the look and feel of the 50′s this is a can’t miss appliance.  It stands alone with the old kitchen countertop staples as well.

It sits just about a foot tall and isn’t very deep, so it won’t take up a great deal of counter space and is remarkably quiet for the job it endures when powered on.  The best of all is receiving a delicious snow cone in just a few minutes.

This is the snow cone machine you want when trying to establish that look of yesteryear.  Its enduring presence transcends the time and places it originated in.

Nostalgia Electrics Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker SCM502

Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker


As far as snow cone machines go, this one is right up at the top of the ‘fun’ meter.

I consider this Nostalgia Electrics snow cone machine somewhat vintage because it is a stand-alone machine that you don’t have to leave on a countertop and was designed to look and feel old school while reminding the older folks of carnivals and fairs of yesteryear.

Here are the specs for this machine:

  • Sits about 1.5 feet tall and is almost 1 foot wide
  • Weighs roughly 11 lbs.
  • Item number SCM 502
  • Redesigned gear mechanism improves production time and durability
  • Comes with snow cone recipes
  • Includes an attached snow cone holder
  • Comes with 2 reusable cups and a scoop

Product’s Features:

  • Holds up to 20 (8 oz.) snow cones at a time.
  • Nostalgia snow cone kits pair perfectly
  • Stainless steel cutting blades
  • 360° viewing chamber
  • Side shelf to hold two snow cones
  • A safety switch is built into the shaving mechanism to keep hands safe.
  • Includes 2 (8 oz.) reusable plastic snow cones, along with an ice scoop to easily serve snow cones.

The ‘guts’ of the machine have been improved to produce snow cones faster and reduce wear and tear.  The best part of all is that it produces perfectly shaved ice.

If you are the neighborhood stomping ground in the summertime you will have a great deal of fun with this machine because the kids will use it and use it often.  It’s just like being at the fair – the kids will line up, choose their flavor and walk away with a deliciously cool treat.

One thing to be aware of with this machine – it can seem noisy in a quiet household.  If you have the neighborhood kids over or are operating the machine during normal hours you won’t have a problem.  The fun meter washes the noise away nicely.

This is the snow cone maker that works great inside but your kids will want to set it up outside too.  I don’t know what the lemonade group will do when they see the snow cone stand to do all the business!

For under $40 you can’t beat it.  The Nostalgia Electrics Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker strikes up nostalgia and produces just as many smiles as it does yummy snow cones!

Nostalgia Electrics Old Fashioned Snow Cone Cart SCC220

Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker


Now you get that old fashioned look to go with that old fashioned flavor.

This snow cone cart from Nostalgia Electrics stands roughly 4.5 feet tall, looks every bit the part of a vintage snow cone machine, and produces some very acutely shaved ice.

Nostalgia snow cone maker features:

  • Lifesize snow cone machine
  • Rolling wheels and front leg stoppers
  • Metal construction
  • Side holding tray & drip tray
  • Extra blades, blade removal tool & scoop
  • 3 starter syrups

Product’s Features:

  • Holds enough snow for approximately 72 (8 oz.)
  • DELUXE SHAVING SYSTEM Stainless steel blades shave 2 pounds of ice in just 90 seconds
  • SNOW COLD HOLDER, allowing you to easily add your favorite syrups


  • Produces enough for four snow cones each filled batch, up to 10 lbs. of ice
  • Easy fundraiser for your organization or group
  • Comes ready to use, no extra accessories needed to start
  • Weighs under 50 lbs. and can be moved easily with its wheels
  • Shaves very fine, almost perfect ice when ice is slightly thawed

If you plan on using this snow cone maker far from an electrical outlet you will need an extension cord as the cord length is short. The motor is very strong – an improved groove mechanism allows the motor to produce at optimal speed and power without the threat of overheating or grinding.

This is a snow cone machine that is great for the outdoors but really compliments your gaming basement or party pad. Kids can’t get enough of it because it stands tall and makes you feel like you are at the fair.

Nostalgia Electrics RSM-702 Retro Series Single-Serve Snow Cone Maker

Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker


This Retro Mini Snow Cone Maker shaves ice cubes into perfect snow. Simply add your choice of flavored syrup and you can now enjoy the wonderful, cool taste of snow cones anytime in the convenience of your own home. Fun for the whole family and a great relief for hot weather. You can also make fruity slush drinks, yogurt snow, and snow smoothies.

Product’s Features:
  • Convenient countertop model with retro design
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Works with standard size ice cubes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Child safe
  • PARTY PLEASER Holds enough snow for approximately 20 (8 oz.) snow cones
  • STANDARD ICE CUBES Fill the shaving cage with regular-sized ice cubes for best results
  • SAFETY FIRST is built into the shaving mechanism to keep hands safe
  • PERFECT SIZE to fit on a kitchen countertop or a small side table making it easy to serve snow cones wherever you go
  • ACCESSORIES Includes one 8 oz. reusable plastic snow cone so you can easily serve snow cones
Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine - Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker
Snow Cone Machine – Nostalgia Electrics Snow Cone Maker

Snow Cone Machine – Gold Medal Snow Cone Machine

Gold Medal Sno Konette Ice Shaver 1003S

Snow Cone Machine - Gold Medal Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – Gold Medal Snow Cone Machine


Sno-Konette devices are straightforward – easy to preserve and also secure to run. Long-life, heavy-duty stainless steel blades stay sharp through tons of ice. The Deluxe Sno-Konette is the electric razor of choice for rental operators, institution and church circus, public park as well as leisure districts – any place where the owner of the equipment is not the operator. Eye-catching stainless-steel dome with illuminated indicator helps develop Sno-Kone sales much faster. Accessories consisted of are Sno-Kone Dipper, 6 oz. Cup Dispenser, Ice Scoop and drain pan. Capability 300 to 500 lbs. of ice per hr. Measurements for a machine (with pusher handle opened up) are 38″H x 22″W x 18″D.

The Sno Konette Model 1003S comes equipped with:

  • A drain pan
  • Ice Scoop
  • Cup dispenser
  • Dipper

What makes this snow cone machine unique?  The fact that you can manually adjust the ice shaving fineness.  Simply put more or less pressure on the feed compartment door.  There is no need to adjust the blade although you have the option to do this as well.

This machine can produce around 1000 snow cones per hour and comes with a 1/3 horsepower motor.  It weighs about 80 lbs. and is a tank when it comes to sturdiness and durability.  The warranty is just as durable – 6 months labor and two years for parts.

For your best choice, click on to view more