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The best yogurt makers are the one that is economical and user-friendly. There are many types of models available in the market. But the main question arises is how to select the best one. Listed below are some factors that you must follow in picking the best yogurt maker:

Pot size:

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how much yogurt you make per day. This will generally depend on how much you consume. How many people live in your house? Does the whole family eat yogurt? All these components decide about the yogurt pot size.  Different brands have pots with different volume capacities.


The logical option is always simple and easy to use makers. when you start your research then you will find different types of yogurt makers. Some produce fresh cheese, sour cream, and buttermilk.

  • Non-electrical ones are also there. Non-electrical yogurt makers use hot water to warm the milk.
  • The electric ones have a timer that automatically stops the yogurt making process when the yogurt is ready; this time is required since the machine keeps the temperature constant with the use of electricity. You can also notice the ongoing fermentation process since it has see-through lids.
  • There is a frozen yogurt maker also. By using this you can make delicious and sorbet ice creams. A yogurt maker with one jar is the best option for making one yogurt type. If you are going to make different flavors then prefer to choose a yogurt maker that has various smaller jars.
  • The advantage of individual small containers is that most are designed to go straight into the refrigerator and come with a cover so that they can be packed into tiffin or taken with you for a healthy ready-made snack.
  • You must select the one which suits your family’s needs.


If the yogurt maker does not heat properly to the desired temperature, then yogurt will not be made in the right way as fermentation will not happen. And too much heat will kill the bacteria.

So this is the most imperative aspect while purchasing a yogurt maker. If a yogurt maker does not heat and maintain the right temperature there is no use for it with other latest features even in the jazzy models.


This is also the most important factor to consider when purchasing the yogurt maker.  Some brands may be more pricey while others may be less pricey. This may be tricky because the inexpensive ones have a shorter life and compared to the expensive ones due to reliability and better quality.

Best yogurt makers are always available within the price range from 15 dollars to 200 dollars. The price is mainly related to the model or brand.

On the basis of these factors buy the one that meets your requirements.

Benefits Of Using Yogurt Makers:

I love yogurt and eat it almost every week for an afternoon snack, and I cook with it often as well. I usually buy large 4-cup containers. But I have been thinking of getting the best yogurt maker as there are many benefits of using yogurt maker which are as follows:

No additives or preservatives

By using a yogurt maker you will get pure yogurt without any flavors or additives. The yogurt will not contain artificial colors also, so you will get healthy yogurt. A healthy dose of yogurt will do a lot of good to not only your digestive tract but a lot more.

Control sweetener

A yogurt maker gives you the flexibility of sweetener. You can use sugar, syrups, nectar or any option to prepare your yogurt. It is considered as a Bone-Friendly Food as it helps in building bone strength. For young girls, getting their calcium from dairy products like milk will have stronger and faster growth of bones.

Control fat content

You are able to control your fat content by selecting the appropriate milk which can be 2%, 1%, skim, powdered or skim milk. It depends on what type of milk is best for you and your health benefits.


You are not limited to three or four flavors but you can make any flavor at home with your own yogurt maker.

Low-fat food

Yogurt helps in reducing high blood pressure and is a low-fat food product.  I’m sure you know that yogurt have some types of bacteria in them that are good for your health conditions and immune system

One of the bacteria helps you build a better body defense system. It is found that if you eat a daily serving of yogurt every day, your immune system will respond and act more effectively.

Reduce Major Health Risks

Dairy foods are actually found in reducing many health challenges. According to what I’ve read, researches show that eating low-fat yogurt along with other low-fat dairies can help lower the risks of increasing blood pressure level by simply 50%.

It may help you to function properly and improve the cholesterol level; it lowers bad cholesterol levels and simultaneously increases the beneficial one.

As yogurt is pre-digested it is stomached by most persons even sick or ailing. It is most useful when used during the ingestion of antibiotics as yogurt alleviates the destruction of friendly bacteria in the gut (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, for example).

Why Get the Best Yogurt Maker for Your Home?

Yogurt is known for its several health benefits. From helping your digestion to protecting you from weak bones, it is the healthy food that may be laden with a lot of bacteria… the good bacteria. Other than being health helpful, yogurt can also supply as homemade beauty remedies. It acts to be a natural moisturizer.

A yogurt bacterium has many benefits but you will not get those benefits if you are not making the right one. For example, the good bacteria help you to develop better immune and also digestive system but when you get yogurt which was pasteurized; it will probably reduce this benefit.

If your yogurt contains too much sugar then it will end up dull and wrinkly. Make sure that you make the right yogurt with equal proportions of ingredients.

Best Yogurt Maker: How to Use It Properly

1) The yogurt maker is one of the easiest kitchen appliances to use. Here are the simple steps on getting yummy homemade yogurt using your best yogurt maker:

2) You will require yogurt starter packs and often when you choose the best yogurt maker of your choice, it usually comes with them. If the starter pack will not come with the yogurt machine then you must purchase it form the same place where you purchased the yogurt maker.

3) Before putting the milk into the yogurt maker, you will have to heat it in the microwave. You can select any type of milk from cow’s dairy to goats, full cream to non-fat.

4) Cool the milk until it reaches room temp or as instructed by the manufacturer. In this meantime, start heating the yogurt machine.

5) Mix the content on the starter pack while using milk. Put the mixture inside the yogurt maker and program your machine to start the procedure.

6) Follow the instructions with regards to the cooking instruction manual. It can differ between 4 in order to 8 hours however, many machines may take longer. The longer the incubation time, the thicker, creamier and tangier the yogurt will be.

7) Store the yogurt into the refrigerator and chill it only a few hours before consuming it. You can add flavorings and fruits for a liking.

 I have used Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker to make the best yogurt and it gave me good results. Yogurt Maker is an easy way to make fresh yogurt from the comfort of your own home. I hope my Review help you find your best yogurt maker!

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