Commercial Ice Cream Maker


The saying “you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream” is true as this frozen treat never fails to delight every person, young or old. The clamor for ice cream grows especially during the hot summer months when people are looking for ways to cool down. If you are thinking of putting up a soda fountain business, you should invest in a good commercial ice cream maker.

A commercial ice cream maker is a machine that is used to make ice cream. It can be manually operated or powered by an electric motor. A commercial ice cream maker stirs and churns the mixture and also freezes it at the same time.

Continuous stirring is essential to incorporate air into the mixture for a smooth and creamy texture and to prevent the formation of ice crystals in the mixture.

Most commercial ice cream maker are powered by an electric motor. There are three types of electric commercial ice cream makers, depending on the cooling system of the machine:

Countertop machines

These use a 2-walled bowl where a solution is poured between the two walls and is frozen before the machine is used. When the solution is frozen, the mixture is poured and then stirred. As the solution between the two walls melts, the ice cream mixture is frozen.

Freezer units

This type of commercial ice cream maker is placed inside the freezer and operated as a food processor. The ice cream is stirred by the machine and the freezer hardens the mixture.

Other ice cream companies do not use this type of commercial ice cream maker because it produces low-quality ice cream and the freezer door has to be closed over the cord of the ice cream maker, although there are battery-operated units available in the market.

Large ice cream makers

This type of commercial ice cream maker has a built-in freezing mechanism and is favored by most players in the ice cream business. The cooling system is turned on; after a few minutes, the mixture is poured in and the paddles are turned on. This machine can be used without any preparation and can dispense a huge amount of ice cream at a given time.

You can buy a commercial ice cream maker from home depots, kitchen appliance stores, and online retailers. Available brands include Cuisinart, Lello Musso Pola, Secura Ice Cream Maker, and White Mountain.

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