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Ice Cream Machine – Musso Stainless Steel Lussino Ice Cream Maker 1.5-qt.

If you are a dessert enthusiast, having your own ice cream machine can be a basic necessity. However, given all the models that exist in the market today, how are you going to decide whether a certain ice cream machine model is better than another ice cream machine model? Well, the age of enlightenment has come as the Musso Stainless Steel Lussino Ice Cream Maker 1.5 qt may be the ice cream machine model that can answer all your problems. This ice cream machine is actually going to help you to make your own homemade ice cream. This ice cream machine can even be your gateway in order to be able to commercialize and popularize your recipes without the need for the usual wooden and crank turning as well as rock salt using kind of ice cream machine in the market. At the end of it all, this ice cream machine can be the difference you have been looking for in the subject of ice cream.
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Musso Ice Cream Machine Features

Considered one of the best ice cream makers, the Musso Stainless Steel Lussino ice cream machine is actually made of heavy-duty stainless steel which is somewhat molded to create a round shape. Yes, it is that physically and aesthetically attractive. It has a retro appeal, but is packed by the technologically advanced measures of the present age. This means that it can be reminiscent of your childhood and those Sundays which you spent in a gelateria, only this time, you can produce ice cream inside your house.

Additionally, it can also produce at least one and a half quarts of ice cream as well as other frozen treats such as gelato, sorbet, or even snow cones in as short as thirty minutes. This ice cream machine measures twelve inches in width and around eleven inches in height with a depth of eighteen inches. This ice cream machine also runs on a hundred watts of power. Plus, compared to the other types of ice cream makers, it does not produce loud noises during operation and you can be sure that it will be tolerable to your ears.

The ratings of the industry for Musso Ice Cream Machine

There are mixed feelings about this type of ice cream machine, but what you will be happy to know is that there are no reviews that strongly feel against the purchase of this brand. What the market has is a bunch of happy customers that are either extremely satisfied or have rated the product satisfactorily. What people love about this ice cream machine is that you don’t need salt for it as well as the efficiency that it can provide you without the time constraints that most machines need in order to function on an average of three to four stars. Actually, most people believe that this ice cream machine can actually have the efficiency of commercial machines that are actually designed for mass production and consumption.

At the end of it all, the pros of this ice cream machine certainly outweigh the cons it can potentially have. However, you must be able to weigh all sides in order to make a fully informed decision. For a big family, this model might not be the best to buy as it can only produce 3 quarts of ice cream. Furthermore, it has a non-removable bowl in the system and can be such a hassle to clean. Finally, it is made in Italy and only has one-year warranty which can be a hassle if you are looking for spare parts, assuming it breaks down. Despite its drawbacks, most people feel this ice cream machine is still a winner.

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