Sno Cone Machine – Choose the Right Sno Cone Machine

The Sno Cone machine has always been a classic machine that saved a lot of people from a lot of scorching hot summer days the same as the goodness of the Slurpee machine. It’s not only something that kids enjoy using and making snow cones with, but it is also something that made adults thank god for cold treats. There’s always room for this machine in any part of the world.

Selection Tips

If you were planning on getting a snow cone maker of your own, here are some tips that will help you pick out the perfect one for you:

  • The first that you would have to ask yourself is: what kind of snow cone maker device will you need? Whether it’s for business or for personal use, one could always use a sno cone machine now and then. For those of you who live in hotter places, such as near the beach or in the tropics, this handy little device will always be a relief to have. Larger machines will be best used for those who are planning on starting a business while those who would use it for personal use will do great with a smaller one.
  • Figure out if you want to rent a snow cone maker instead. If you are thinking of just using this machine for a short period of time, like for an event or a children’s party, you can always look for someone who could provide a Sno Cone machine rental so you don’t have to buy a new one. Rentals are great for those who would use it for one-time events only.
  • Make sure if you really need to own one permanently. If the business is your reason as to why you plan on getting one, then it is a very good investment to go for. You can look for companies that have Sno Cone machine for sale and ask them if they could give you a discount price if you buy enough units needed to build a business. Renting for business purposes, on the other hand, is not that great of an idea, so you are better off setting aside a budget for these machines if you want to profit from them.
  • Pick out the right design for the theme that you will be using the machine for. Most of the time, a Sno Cone machine is usually used for a children’s party or a place of business where children make up most of the customers. So you would be wise to choose those that have fun designs such as a Snoopy Sno Cone machine or one that has fun, rainbow colors in them. Just think like a kid and be creative with your snow cones.

Sno Cone Machine – a Better Choice in Making Snow Cones

snow cone is basically crushed iced capped with flavored syrup and placed in a paper cone. It is a favorite snack of kids and adults alike especially during the summer when the temperature is hot. It is popular because it is a low-cost treat for summer and there is a wide variety of snow cone flavors to choose from.

Snow cones are popular in most parts of the world and are known by their local name. “Granizados” are snow cones in Cuba, Costa Rica and their neighboring countries, which originates from the Spanish word “Granizo” which means hailstones. In Guatemala, snow cones are known as “granizada”. In Puerto Rico and its neighboring countries, snow cones are known as “Piragua” because they form the shape of a pyramid and are made of ice.

During the summer months, carts ply the streets to attract buyers. “Raspados” are snow cones in Colombia, Panama, Mexico, California, Texas, and other Southwestern States in the USA which are finely shaved ice with syrup. The term “raspado” means scraped in Spanish. In Miami neighborhoods, snow cones are sold in ice cream trucks and stands around the city. Snow cones are called “frio frio” in the Dominican Republic and its neighboring countries. The term “frio” means cold in Spanish.

Snow cones are very easy to make and can be a profitable business as they are a very well known snack. A sno cone machine is available in the market and can create delicious snow cones. The sno cone machine comes in different types to meet varied business needs.

Concessionaires prefer The Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine from Paragon because of its features. Despite its smaller cabinet design, this sno cone machine comes with full features found in other larger cabinet models. The panels are made of sturdy blue-tinted polycarbonates that shade the inside from sunlight to prolong the life of the shaved ice. They are also easy to clean. The sno cone machine cabinet is made of corrosion-free aluminum and stainless steel.

The sno cone machine has a removable slanted drain deck for easy draining of melted ice

It also comes with a dipper spoon. The front access door is clear. This sno cone machine has 1/3 HP motor with 1725 rpm that can shave ice up to 500 lbs per hour. It has a full 3 years manufacturer’s warranty on parts, the best in the industry. Every sno cone machine is ETL and NSF approved. The stainless steel blades can be adjusted for different degrees of fineness of the shaved ice.

The Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine is made in the United States of America and is suitable for convenience stores, cafeterias, concession stands, snack bars, arenas and auditoriums, fast food restaurants and break rooms.

If a sno cone machine can make snow cones, there is also another machine for concocting a great summer snack: the slushie machine which can serve restaurant-quality frozen creations.


It’s always fun to look back to your childhood once in a while. And what better way than to eat a snow cone with your whole family, or give out snow cone services for kids, or do parties with snow cones in them? These icy, sweet treats will surely tickle the child in you. For more fun at home, it is recommended to have a popcorn machine.

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