Snow Cone Cups and Straws

Snow Cone Cups and Straws

These snow cone cups are perfect for the budding snow cone stand entrepreneur who is trying to reduce their raw cost per snow cone.

Snow Cone Cups and Straws
Snow Cone Cups and Straws






The paper cone cups themselves are pretty thin, but what do you expect for a pack of 25 snow cone cups that cost under $25?

They are colorful and fun and are adequate for holding a refreshing snow cone during a hot summer day.  Each cup is 6oz. and the straws and cups are disposable.  Each cup will also fit most snow cone machines trays and holders.

Product’s Features:

  • Easily fits our Back to Basics electric and dual Ice Shavers
  • Colorful 6-ounce cups
  • Matching colored straws
  • 25 cups and straws per pack
  • Disposable cups and straws make clean up fast and easy

If you are planning on running a snow cone machine in a business or for fundraising purposes I suggest you get five or six-packs of these at a time – you’ll keep your costs down by getting free shipping in addition to the savings you’ll recoup by buying the bulk packs.  Cone paper cups like these come cheap in bulk – they are not so cheap in packs of under ten or less.

If you are having trouble locating where to buy snow cone cups it’s not you – the corner stores don’t priority order items like these because there are much better deals online these days.  Buy them online to save time and money.

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